Historic Preservation Advocacy Page

The Basics

Research Resources:

The following tools will provide you with the ability to locate and identify history, houses and landscapes

and to assist you in solving a challenge or seeking a solution.

Assessor’s Appraisal

Newburyport Historic District

Historic Maps

Interactive Map of City

Research Archives

City’s Zoning Ordinance

Massachusetts Building Code

Massachusetts General Law

Massachusetts Legal Notices

Essex County Register of Deeds

Specific to Preservationists:

Media Contacts:

General City & Organizational Contacts:

Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Properties

Massachusetts Building Code specific to historic properties:

Standards for Downtown Newburyport Signage

Newburyport Zoning Ordinance for the Downtown Historic District:

Newburyport Zoning Ordinance for the Newburyport Historic District:

Newburyport Zoning Ordinance for the Waterfront West Overlay District:

The Watchful Eye:

City Council Page

Conservation Commission

Historical Commission

 The Planning Office

Planning Board

Community Preservation Committee

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Plans that Newburyport is supposed to follow (But either isn’t or is trying to wiggle out of its responsibility):

The Master Plan 2001

The Strategic Land Use Plan

Open Space & Recreation Plan 2012-2022

Green Communities Action Plan – Newburyport

Newburyport Historic Preservation Plan 1991

Signage Standards for Downtown Newburyport

Section XV: Site Plan Review

Section XVII: Downtown Overlay District (DOD)

Section XVIII: Demolition Control Overlay District (DCOD)

Towle Complex Overlay District

Waterfront Strategic Plan 2003

Waterfront West Overlay District

Regional Resources:

Essex National Heritage Commission

Merrimack Valley Regional Planning Commission

Essex County Greenbelt Association