Newburyport Links

Newburyport Preservation Trust Dedicated to educating the Citizens on historic preservation and protecting the City of Newburyport’s historic assets.
Newburyport Historical Commission Design Planning Board to assist developers and homeowners to maintain the historic feel of the City’s historic assets.
Citizens for Environmental Balance (CEB) Dedicated to the Protection of the City of Newburyport’s interests in proper balance with the environment and in the preservation of the city’s neighborhoods.
Essex National Heritage Area Newburyport is actually inside a National Park that encompasses the entire Essex County and shares this Park with the likes of Lawrence, Parts of Lowell, Lynn, Haverhill and Salem as well as Gloucester, Ipswich and Essex.
Portmedia – Our Local Community Television Studio State-of-the-art film studio monitoring and taping local community events and government functions such as City Council & School Board Meetings and local boards and commissions.
Newburyport Parks Commission In charge of the City’s parks. A great organization in charge of much of our “open space” filled with history and recreation.
Open Space Committee Committee dedicated to the implementations of the City of Newburyport Open Space and Recreation Plan of 2005-2010.
Historical Society of Old Newbury Grand Dame of Preservation Groups and operates Cushing Museum and the complex of buildings including the first mint in America.
Essex County Greenbelt Association Dedicated to preserving open spaces in Essex County with Easements and Conservation Restrictions.
Coastal Trails Coalition Greater Newburyport Trails Organization dedicated to establishing well-maintained paths throughout the region.
Custom House Maritime Museum Dedicated to preserving Newburyport’s maritime history.
Friends of Newburyport Trees (FONT) Non-profit group dedicated to assisting the Newburyport Tree Committee in their fulfillment of caring for the trees.
Newburyport Chamber of Commerce Commercial and Tourism Clearinghouse
Parker River Clean Water Association (PRCWA) Dedicated in preserving the Merrimack & Parker River Watersheds with open space preservation, water conservation and establishment of open spaces and nature trails.
City of Newburyport Website Government (City) of Newburyport
Massachusetts Historical Commission State Preservation Office
Historic New England Dedicated to Preserving Historic Treasures in New England
Sea Shanty Website Headquarters for all the seaman’s music of the sailing era
Preservation Massachusetts Commonwealth-wide group dedicated to historic preservation and an active voice in the State House. A support group for historic preservation.
Newburyport Today A Light-hearted view of the community whether in the community or downtown or at City Hall. A good snapshot of Daily Newburyport. – Newburyport Ma Circa 1950-1990 A website dedicated to the history of the last half of the 20th Century. A superb resource for acquiring information from local citizens about Newburyport’s recent history.
National Trust for Historic Preservation U.S. National Historic Preservation Efforts
Friends of the Plum Island Light Organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving the Lighthouse on Plum Island Point.
The Great Marsh Coalition Coalition of pubic/private for the preservation of the Great Marsh, largest in Massachusetts.
Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Center Museum. Gift Shop and Ranger Headquarters for the second most visited wildlife refuge in America that stretches from Newburyport to Ipswich and covers most of the Great Marsh.
Friends of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Dedicated to volunteer work to augment, maintain, preserve and protect the Wildlife Refuge.
The Common Pasture Presentation of the Historic Common Pasture and efforts by Newbury & Newburyport to preserve the scenic landscape and preserve its economic benefit.
Society for High Street – Historic High Street Outlining the historic significance of Newburyport’s Magnificent High Street Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and posted as a National Byway.
Gravematter New England Cemeteries featuring the Old Hill Cemetery and the Chestnut Hill Cemetery and the Highland Cemeteries of Newburyport
Moseley Woods City Park By far the most beautiful of the City’s parks with majestic views of the Merrimack River, Deer Island and the Whittier Bridge. Not to be missed!
The Preservation Channel Web Video channel about historic preservation events in New England and Nationally.
Plum Island Foundation Dedicated to the preservation of Plum Island as a healthy island, lush with natural wildlife, maintained by nature and the diligence of human beings.
Newburyport GIS City Map Detailed Assessor’s Lot Map of Newburyport with owner’s records, street dimensions and features.
Maudslay State Park This beautiful estate with an extensive trail network and breathtaking views of the Merrimack also features a formal garden and a Theatre in the Open.
Newburyport Farmer’s Market Local Farmer’s Market every Sunday, 10-2, at the Tannery. Opening Day for the Season – May 2nd!
Newburyport Art Association HQ for art in Newburyport! They put the “A” in art! Regular changing art exhibits. Nice website and improving all the time.
Greater Newburyport Today Another excellent commercial website dedicated to promoting Newburyport!
The Website Newburyport from an artist’s perspective. The City seen from their eye.
Newburyport Archival Center In the basement of the library – in an air-purified environment with dedicated volunteers willing to assist in geneology, history and general historic topics. Hours: M-F, 8-12, 1-4, Sat 9-12.