Newburyport Preservation Craftsman Directory    

A Directory of Resources for the Preservation,

Renovation, Replication and Restoration

of Historic Homes in the Greater Newburyport Area.

I am all for people who talk about preservation and write about preservation and advocate for preservation and devise policy for preservation. But all of that would be meaningless if there weren’t a cadre of skilled craftsman, enlightened product manufacturers, knowledgeable architects, designers, structural engineers, and risk-taking developers that actually make it happen. – Donovan D. Rypkema (March 8, 2007; Traditional Building Conference, “Historic, Green and Profitable”, Boston MA.)

Appraisals, Architects, Basements, Bloggers, Books, Bricks, Brick Pavers, Building Inspectors, Carpenters, Chimneys, Columns, Consultants, Contractors, Cornices, Documentation, Developers, Doors, Education, Fencing, Floors (Flooring), Glass, Gilding-Gold Leaf, Gutters, Hardware, Insurance, Interior Designers, Kitchens, Landscapers, Legal Services, Lighting, Mantels, Masonry (Masons), Mechanical Systems, Millwork, Nails, Paint, Painters, Oil Paintings, Periodicals, Registers, Resources, Roofs, Shutters, Signs, Stairways, Stencils, Timber Framing, Tin Ceilings, Wallpaper, Windows, Wood Treatment

Note: In providing this directory, the P. Preservationist is in no way endorsing any of the included firms/companies/organizations or individuals. The postings are included because they have provided, or have expressed interest in providing professional services in the identification, evaluation, preservation and treatment of historic resources. The lists are by no means comprehensive and the fact that someone is not listed does not mean they may not be qualified. Because it is not possible for me to fully verify the experience and credentials of the individuals and organizations included here, I strongly recommend that you ask for and check references before consulting anyone or hiring anyone included in these lists. Most firms/companies will offer their services far beyond their region so don’t feel you can only contact those near Newburyport. Feel free to contact anyone who can assist in historic preservation! If you wish to include someone or an organization who values historic preservation, please send submissions to