Newburyport History

Surprisingly, the year ‘64 is the signature turning point for ancient Newburyport (Originally Newbury-Port, or simply ‘The Wayside’) That was the year in 1764 in which the good people of the hamlet of Newbury ‘had enough’ with the rather worldly community by the Merrimack River. Whether it was too many grogs, or it was the injection of new ideas from all over the world brought in from the merchant ships. Either way, it was time to part ways. 

The Beginnings of the Wayside 1635 to 1763 

Watt’s Cellar 

The First Settlers 

The Native Americans 

The First Dock 

The Beginning of the Romantic Era 1764 to 1863 

The Shipyards of Newburyport 

Smuggling in Newburyport 

Rev George Whitefield and the First Great Awakening 

The International Trade  

Newburyport – The Birthplace of the Tea Party?

Newburyport’s Pirates & Privateers 

The Triangle Trade – Bibles, Rum & Slaves

Caldwell’s Rum and the Distilleries of Newburyport 

Newburyport – The Birthplace of the Bill of Rights

Newburyport – The Birthplace of the Coast Guard

The Abolitionist Movement 

Newburyport – The Birthplace of the Clipper Ship

The Clippership Era 

The Underground Railroad 

The Beginning of the Manufacturing Era 1864 to 1963 

The Tanneries 

The Comb Industry 

The Shoe Industry 

CBS-Hytron Facility 

Towle Silversmiths 

The Bossy Gillis Era 

Prohibition Years 

The Great Depression 

The Beginning of the Promotional Era 1964 to the Present Day 

The early years after World War II & The Loss of Manufacturing jobs 

The rise of recreational boating 

Newburyport’s Clippership – The spark that began heritage tourism.

The citizens rise up to preserve the city 

The HUD years of restoration 

The Yankee Homecoming Festival 

The restoration of the Custom House 

Newburyport Area Industrial Development 

The Birth of the Newburyport Preservation Trust 

The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce 

Newburyport Development  

The founding Matriarchs & Patriarchs of the New City 

Historic Infrastructure – The Story behind them

Anna Jacques Hospital 

The Bartlett Mall (Pronounced Mahl)

Oak Hill Cemetery

The Old Hill Burying Ground

The Superior Court House

The Custom House

The Old South Presbyterian Church

The First Religious Society of Newburyport

Newburyport’s unique Bollards & Lampposts

Brick & Granite – John Bromfield’s Legacy of Sidewalks & Trees

The Old Gaol

From the Lyceum to the Firehouse Performing Arts Center 

The Dalton House

Newburyport’s Lighthouse & Range Lights

Newburyport’s Public Library

The Fire stations of Newburyport

The Institution for Savings Bank

The Challenge of the Future 

The Achilles Heel of the City: High Maintenance Costs 

The Constant threat of Development 

The need to educate the New Demographic